Varsity Sammamish Mayor Christie Malchow vowed that city officials would work with police, parents and the Issaquah School District to warn the community about counterfeit pills and powders and the danger inherent in taking fentanyl. Sammamish HS, 5:30pm A spike in the data clearly shows fentanyl-linked deaths have risen astronomically since 2015. Its the students that are alone that are tempted by temporary problem solvers i.e. Renton HS, 4:00pm Sentencing in suitcase murders | Podcast, King County Councilmember proposes regional ban on public drug use, King County Crisis Care Levy passing in first election results, Washingtons COVID-19 exposure notification app to end May 11, Firearms scheme leads to federal charges | King County Crime Dive. Its comprised of 12 community sectors parents, youth, schools, business owners, medical professionals, civic or volunteer organizations and law enforcement all working together to build a drug-free community. Fentanyl is tasteless and odorless and has been found in blue, white and pale green pills stamped with an M on one side a 30 on the other, mimicking the stamps found on legitimate oxycodone tablets, Finegood said. SE in Sammamish. Words cant express the shock, pain and sadness I felt upon learning of our loss, and I can only imagine the impact for those more closely connected with these young people. Grief counselors and support have been made available to Skyline students. Varsity SAMMAMISH, WA The recent overdose deaths of two Skyline High School students have families and county leaders taking action. Madison Miller / staff photo, Public Health of Seattle-King County strategic advisor, Brad Finegood, discusses the dangers of fentanyl at Wednesdays news conference following the deaths of two Sammamish teens. Issaquah High School sent a letter to parents Thursday morning, notifying them of a students death, and said the school had extra counselors available. Parent/guardian must notify the Attendance Office prior to the day of early release so that an early dismissal pass can be prepared for a student. Sammamish HS, 4:45pm The city of Sammamish has a drug take back box for anyone to drop off prescribed and illegal drugs at any time. The school district plans to educate students specifically about the dangers of fentanyl and talk to parents about what to watch out for. Our hearts ache for our students and school communities that have been and continue to be impacted by the devastating effects of opiatesWe have invested in additional counselors and Swedish Hospital mental health specialists in every secondary school, ISD said in a statement. Before, on each school website, people had the option to file an anonymous tip without providing much supplemental information. Sammamish HS, 4:00pm The demonstrations continued at Interlake, Sammamish, and Newport high schools on Tuesday after five students were expelled from Newport High School for their roles in a protest on. Varsity BELLEVUE, Wash. Students protested at three different high schools in the Bellevue School District, all calling for change on how the district responds to reports of assault. He was the kid who led outdoor adventures for this family and friends. Any possible policy changes would have to come through Bellevue school board directors, but Thorn said the response process would be looked at closely. If we don't talk about, if we don't open up the conversation, its not going to help anybody. He said 911 should be called immediately and Narcan or naloxone an opioid antagonist available at any major pharmacy should be administered as soon as possible. The student died after. Jay Inslee for his expected signing. ", Example video title will go here for this video. Highline Executive director Jerry Blackburn said the nonprofits focus is prevention and support. So, his loved ones were in utter shock when Ian died by suicide at the age of 14. Thats the whole foundation of learning, she said. At all BSD schools, there are safety boxes where anyone can submit an anonymous written notice of harassment, intimidation or bullying. We are sharing this information today with the hopes that it will motivate other young adults and families to get the help they need and to encourage an open dialog concerning the crisis in our schools and our families. ISD has organized an event for the Skyline parent community focusing on the steps the school takes to educate and prevent students from drug and alcohol use. Skyline students acknowledge the school and the district does well in offering support, however, peer-to-peer support and programs are needed, Singereanu said. Here's What Sammamish-Issaquah Moms Really Want For Mother's Day! Some said they wanted to bring attention to a problem they believe is district-wide, and not isolated to Newport. You cant smell or detect fentanyl, said Brad Finegood, Public Health of Seattle-King County strategic advisor. Johanknecht said theres no way to trace a specific fentanyl-laced pill to a specific illegal distributor because there is no consistency among the dealers in the way they mix the pills. Phelps said she couldnt share more details, but our primary concern is supporting our school community during this difficult time.. An online version is also available. Liberty Park (Field 1), 3:30pm in Sammamish, to discuss the growing crisis, warning signs of drug overdoses and to begin the healing process. Issaquah School District (ISD) school board president Harlan Gallinger said the district is working to support its students and families during this time. There needs to be an understanding of behavioral health struggles kids face such as anxiety and depression Blackburn said. The whole being silenced is really damaging for them and the other victims in the crowd, said Samantha Mercado, another Newport student. 20 End of 3rdQuarter The event, Drug & Alcohol Use in Our Community, will be held from 7-8:30 p.m. on Oct. 16 at Skyline, 1122 228th Ave. Ballard High School student Gabriel Lilienthal died Sept. 29. Recent overdoses in Sammamish, Seattle and Shoreline all involved young men. Fentanyl can also be found in powders and some liquids. What they should look for is a change in behavior. The policy includes annual training and education for students and staff on recognizing harassment, intimidation and bullying as well as how to report such behaviors and prevention strategies. SAMMAMISH, WA The recent overdose deaths of two Skyline High School students have families and county leaders taking action. This is a student-to-student problem, she said. Sammamish Read More, Lunch Special: Mandarin Orange Chicken with Broccoli & Brown Rice, 3:30pm He preached that awareness is one of the biggest solutions to the problem. Unfortunately, Lucass life was taken early because he took a street-sold Percocet pill laced with Fentanyl, the family statement said. In terms of prevention, BSD schools have trained counselors and make support resources available to all students. Sammamish, WA Sunday, January 1, 2023 Add Photos 2 Memories Richard McGee Richard McGee November 12, 1946 - December 2, 2022 Sammamish, Washington - Richard McGee passed away on Friday, Dec. 2,. There are also many good resources about grief available online. It is believed she took her life due to being bullied by other students. Sign up for free Patch newsletters and alerts. Tom Beatty, a 16-year-old junior, died Aug. 11. Jewish Day Schools Just Got More Affordable, Sammamish-Issaquah Area Pet Adoption: Cats, Dogs & More. This loss is our bond. The chain of events started after that student at Newport High School reported being physically assaulted off campus by another student. Sammamish High School (commonly Sammamish or SHS) is a public secondary school in Bellevue, Washington, US, serving students in grades 9-12.Opened in 1959, the school was the second of the four traditional high schools in the Bellevue School District, with admission based primarily on the locations of students' homes.The school was entirely rebuilt over two renovations completed . We can give out as many messages as we want but at the end of the day, what will really help is a face-to-face, heart-to-heart [communication.]. Sentencing in suitcase murders | Podcast, King County Councilmember proposes regional ban on public drug use, King County Crisis Care Levy passing in first election results, Washingtons COVID-19 exposure notification app to end May 11, Firearms scheme leads to federal charges | King County Crime Dive. Girls Tennis We will work with the parents to find solutions and get at the root issue. Dr. Patty Siegwarth, BSDs executive director of schools, said the average investigation is completed in five days. Bellevue police said they launched an investigation and were investigating the case as potential juvenile domestic violence case. We did not talk about this issue because of this tragedy. Learn about careers at Cox Media Group. Like other opioids, fentanyl depresses the central nervous system, produces a euphoric feeling, reduces pain and causes death by reducing the respiratory drive, said Nicole Yarid, a forensic pathologist with the King County Medical Examiners Office. Overall Score 92.74 /100. Ryan Anderson with EFR. Were an organization working to provide the best service for our students, Siegwarth said. Sammamish However, it doesnt mean its not an issue. Other email addresses will not be accepted. The sheriff was flanked on both sides by county and city leaders, including Sammamish's mayor and city manager, who pledged to work in tandem with law enforcement, schools and parents to find solutions and keep kids safe. 5 students were expelled from Newport HS after a protest last week broke rules, but demands for change continue. Fentanyl is a drop-dead drug anyone using illicit opioid pills or powder should seek treatment for opioid use disorder and take precautions to prevent a fatal overdose," said Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for King County Public Health. If passed, the property tax levy will help fund behavioral health infrastructure in the region. The organization provides behavioral health support services in schools on the Eastside and partners with health classes to educate students on substance abuse. Varsity Weve been talking about this issue for years, he said. 100 140th Avenue Se, Bellevue, Washington | (425) 456-7600. There needs to be more awareness, and as a community, we can make our voices loud and be heardwe cant have this happen again.. She died by suicide on March 13. This will not be a one-off conversation in our city. Several students, including one impacted student, told KIRO 7 the expulsions are being appealed. According to the King County Medical Examiners Office, the deceased was identified as 18-year-old Daniel J. Unger, and the cause of death was determined to be suicide. Tom Beatty, a 16-year-old junior, died Aug. 11. What theyre chasing is death.. They say counterfeit pills bought illegally can often appear to be legitimate pharmaceutical drugs but are tainted with dangerous ingredients. We are one today to speak to you about how were coming together for a very important public safety warning today, Johanknecht said. Rachel Pinter, a Sammamish High School teacher, speaks at Amaya Storseths memorial on March 28. However, multiple students said they were upset by how the district responded in this case as well and other cases. Sammamish Seattle has had its . A student-organized memorial was held March 28 to honor the life of Sammamish High School student Amaya Storseth. The school also went into lockdown on Friday. We intend to engage similarly with all our city partnersWe know that talking about it is not enough.. To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to [email protected]. Its not administered on a daily basis, but the use is more prevalent in EFRs district than it ever was before, he added. We believe in our common strength together as the Issaquah High community as we move forward supporting each other in the days to come. Interlake It is headed to Gov. Everyone has to be aware of whats happening out there, Anderson said. Early Bird Tickets on Sale May 8-19 Evergreen Thats why were interested in student voices and hearing our student voices. A community meeting is being planned for Oct. 16 at 7 p.m. at Skyline High School, 1122 228th Ave. S.E. Sammamish Varsity Beirers family released a statement to the Skyline community Wednesday. Soccer Sammamish High School Mission: To serve each and every student academically, socially, and emotionally, through a rigorous and relevant education that is innovative and individualized. Interlake While the exact structure of how the funds will be used have not been determined, Davidov said her familys main goals are to honor Lucass name by work being done to save youth from drugs; actively participate in drug prevention efforts and unite local communities [in a] war against drugs.. It's important to Bella that her peers try to articulate what may be bothering them, especially since Ian could not do that for himself. She said the Bellevue School District can improve its efforts to address bullying and serve students, and she said existing laws do not do enough to protect students who are being bullied. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Preliminary results show both teens died of fentanyl overdoses, Johanknecht said at the news conference on Wednesday, Oct. 2 in downtown Seattle. More than two weeks ago we reached out to the city of Sammamish to discuss the impact of opiates and the role of law enforcement in our schools and community. It has to stand for something. As a direct result of the recent fentanyl overdoses of the two Skyline students, the city of Sammamish, King County Sheriffs Office, Issaquah School District (ISD) and Public Health of Seattle-King County came together to address the deaths on Oct. 2. Death, she said, can be sudden or can be gradual.. Sammamish High School administration embraced the April 26, 2021 state law, HB 1356, "prohibiting the inappropriate use of Native American names, symbols, or images as school mascots" and moved quickly to include the students and community in the deciding on a new mascot. Lucas died Sept. 30, and Thomas Beatty, 16, died in August. There have been 141 suspected and confirmed drug overdose deaths in the county between June and September of this year. The same timeframe last year saw 109 deaths. Madison Miller / staff photo, King County councilmember Kathy Lambert reminds and urges people to use Sammamishs drug take back box to get rid of leftover or obtained drugs. One boy died Aug. 11 and the other died Monday, King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht said at a news briefing Wednesday, flanked by Sammimishs mayor, police chief and other public officials. But the Internet exists and online, people are able to buy the counterfeit drugs or the ingredients to make their own. Should we begin the education earlier? Michelle said. Through those services, students can receive mental health support. The event will introduce partner organizations Sammamish Police Department, EFR and Influence the Choice and theyll discuss the resources available for students and families. The full Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying policy can be found on BSDs website. Investigators believe the boys thought they were taking legitimate oxycodone pills. Baseball The more we talk about it, the more we reduce stigma about itand the more likely we are to have these things surface and not be hidden, Neklason said. Specifically, two Skyline High School juniors Tom Beatty and Lucas Beirer, both 16 died because of fentanyl overdoses. Students and staff can report harassment, intimidation and bullying in three ways: anonymous, confidential and non-confidential. During the investigation, youth told police many are buying and consuming drugs off the street in a chase of a new high, Johanknecht said. Losing a student is devastating, BSDs social emotional curriculum developer Wendy Powell said. We need to come together as a community, not be afraid to be honest and open about our struggles, let go of judgement, and help each other and our children find help.. The Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Compliance Officer is Nancy Pham, (425) 456-4040 or [email protected]. They want changes to how the district responds to reports of assault, & ask for more compassion and safety measures. Losing any member of our Skyline family is extremely difficult, said Keith Hennig, Skyline High School principal, in an email to the Skyline community. In the email, the school offered advice to parents for how to discuss the death with their children, and noted that the schools counseling services will be available for students, staff and families. It is easy to take them and drop them off and no questions askedWe need to make sure that were protecting all of our kids.. Bellevue, WA 98005 "I just wish he knew that we would have fought for him," cried McLauchlan. "There's a lot of kids doing a lot of projects, and blogging or artwork related to Ian and his passionate plea to live hard," said McLauchlan. Please dont let this go unacknowledged, and let it affect you in an authentic way.. Two Skyline High School juniors have died by suspected fentanyl overdoses within the last two months. Ian's death has to mean something. Soccer If excusing a late arrival or early dismissal, include the arrival or departure time. We hope to weave this topic into more of our events, Michelle said. April isNational Poetry MonthandSchool Library Month! Skyline ASB secretary Alex Singereanu addressed the recent deaths at the Oct. 10 school board meeting. (See original story below.). It applies to so many students who have to see their abusers at school every single day and the school doesnt do anything about it, said Danielle Kim, a senior at Newport High School. They said they hoped it would motivate young adults and their families to get the help they need and encourage an open dialogue on the crisis. Our hearts ache for our students and school communities that have been and continue to be impacted by the devastating effects of opiatesWe have invested in additional counselors and Swedish Hospital mental health specialists in every secondary school, an ISD statement reads. Jay Inslee for his expected signing. There are also many good resources about grief available online. Students at Interlake High School, Sammamish High School, and Bellevue High School protested in support of Su, and more than 100 students protested outside the Seattle Public Schools district office. The Bellevue School District (BSD) has a policy currently in place on the prohibition of harassment, intimidation and bullying. Sammamish believes that strong distributed leadership at all levels is an essential piece of successful schools. Sammamish Latest Job Listings In And Around Sammamish-Issaquah, New Diverging Diamond, Lane Widening Coming To State Route 18. A $4 million federal grant fueled the change at Sammamish, which is the most diverse of Bellevue's high schools, with 46 languages spoken among its students. JV Here's What Sammamish-Issaquah Moms Really Want For Mother's Day! Girls Golf A bill partially unwinding a 2021 policing reform clears the Legislature. King County recently lost three teenagers to opioid overdoses. His sister Bella, now a senior at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, found herself coping with the loss of her best friend. Where we can support our students to peacefully protest and to share their concerns, when that takes a turn and thats violated per our school board policy, we have to implement a lockdown for the health and safety of all of our students. Sammamish High School - Bellevue School District Sammamish Address 100 140th Ave. "There was nothing that ever indicated that there was something wrong, but the outcome is clearly something was.". Two Skyline High School juniors have died by suspected fentanyl overdoses within the last two months. Visit ourschool library sitefor more details! Drivers Education, Private Tutoring/Lessons. Students at Sammamish High School also said they were protesting in solidarity for the students who were expelled. This is not something families should hide or be ashamed ofWe need to come together as a community, not be afraid to be honest and open about our struggles, let go of judgment and help each other and our children find help, they wrote. Other pills have been stamped with K9, 215 and 48. Sammamish Further, an event such as this may generate in your student resurgence or reflectionof grief if they have lost a loved one. The expulsion of students has sparked even more anger among students, some who said it felt like the district was trying to silence them. Students protests at 3 Bellevue high schools. Two 16-year-old boys, both students at Skyline High School in Sammamish, died seven weeks apart after taking counterfeit oxycodone tablets laced with fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid 50 times more potent than heroin, according to the King County Sheriffs Office. Evergreen HS, 4:00pm "What we did as a group in the Live Hard series is made sure those kids knew they weren't alone in what they were feeling," said Bella. The school has extra counselors on hand and will offer outreach to students and staff. They hear it and they just throw it away in their pile of complaints, said Alastair Lowder, another Sammamish High School student. Until we arm (youth) with the facts and what they look like, theyre going to say, Ive seen others use it firsthand and it doesnt hurt anyone else, he said. Sammamish Thorn said additional mental health resources such as safe spaces have been made available for Bellevue students. Madison Miller/staff photo. We have shared some very sad news with our staff and students this morning, and I wanted you to be the next to know: One of our students died unexpectedly and suddenly at her home yesterday. The grant would fund education and training to administer Narcan. The rest of Amayas Fund will be distributed to a worthy nonprofit that provides anti-bullying education for both parents and teens, she said. See the table below for some of the examples: For parent-approved activities that are known in advance (i.e., vacation, non-SHS sports, college visits, etc. They touched on the dangers of taking any pill, unless prescribed by a doctor. The city of Sammamish, King County Sheriff's department, the Issaquah School District and the Public Health of Seattle-King County came together to address the deaths as one on Oct. 2. Renton "He was the coolest kid from a very early age," said McLauchlan. The 16-year-old who died Monday was one of six deaths five males and one female, ages 16 to 37 who have died from fentanyl overdoses in the past week across King County, a number that includes a Seattle teenager, said Brad Finegood, a strategic adviser and drug expert for Seattle-King County Public Health. The female student reported the incident to school staff, who contacted police. And Ballard High School student Gabriel Lilienthal, 17, died of the same cause. Hell draw from statistics hes gathering from King County Emergency Medical Services. The demonstrations continued at Interlake, Sammamish, and Newport high schools on Tuesday after five students were expelled from Newport High School for their roles in a protest on. Ian left a suicide note detailing the items he wanted to leave behind. Sammamish We hear that some people feel ashamed that this has come into their home and community. These guidelines override our typical guidelines for keeping students home from school due to illness. Johanknecht said it should be assumed any pills sold on the street is not purely the advertised pill, and contain deadly amounts of fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid pain reliever, approved for treating severe pain, typically advanced cancer pain, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Karissa Stay said the impact on the school has been incalculable.. 110 images, 3200 students, 42 faculty. Ian also asked his family one thing: live like every moment mattered. "But I want to warn them, and parents - I want to warn our community members - that what they're chasing instead is death.". He added that parents have more influence than they think. Influence the Choice, among ISDs several resource partners, is a nonprofit prevention alliance that works to create a healthy, thriving community. The Seattle Times closes comments on particularly sensitive stories. In addition to the Drug & Alcohol Use in Our Community event, ISD said it will continue to hold parent and community information meetings around substance use. Completes the form, including signatures from all teachers, parent/guardian. 10-14 Spring Break Varsity Neklason said while teens tend to abuse marijuana and alcohol more, that use is more visible. Issaquah High School Principal Paula Phelps sent a letter to the school community Thursday morning with the news that a student had died suddenly at her home Wednesday. Ian was a popular kid -- one who got reassurance from big sis Bella and all of her friends. Attendance: [email protected] Please be on the lookout for significant change in any of these physical or emotional behaviors that might indicate grief in your child: Do not hesitate to call our counseling center at 425-837-6140 for guidance or more information - we want all of our students to have the assistance they need during this sorrowful time. Vedant Srinivas, a student at Eastlake High School, developed a system called Eqwis, which enables animal crossing signs to alert drivers when animals are actually present on a road. To address the recent deaths of the two Skyline students, Gallinger said there will be an event for the Skyline parent community focusing on the steps Skyline takes to educate and prevent students from drug and alcohol use, as well as introduce partner organizationssuch as Sammamish PD, Eastside Fire and Rescue and Influence the Choice and discuss resources available for students and families. Report an absence, late arrival or early dismissal: Reason for missing class must meet the guidelines in procedure 3122p. SE Bellevue, WA 98005 Get Directions Contact Us Main Office: (425) 456-7600 Attendance: [email protected] Staff Directory Start & Dismissal M, Tu, Th, & F: Start: 8:00am | End: 3:00pm W: Start: 8:00am | End: 12:55pm View Our Full Bell Schedule Here! Varsity Sign up for free Patch newsletters and alerts. South Read More, Lunch Special: Chicken Street Tacos with Fajita Peppers & Onions, Do you love Broadway Showtunes? As such, when considering what to say during such a sensitive conversation, the main goal is to help your student express his/her feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Froshmore Madison Miller/staff photo Excusals must be received no later than 2 school days after the date of absence. The district is currently pursuing a grant for nurses to administer Narcan. Sammamish High School sophomore Maya Gheewala makes the case for unmasked and distanced water and snack breaks in the school day to help keep students energized and focused in their studies. According to Public Health of Seattle-King County data, fentanyl-related deaths are on the rise in the county. Sammamish Mayor Christie Malchow said parents, students and the greater community are heartbroken over the losses of the two Sammamish students. Isaac Beirer, Olga Davidov and Nicola Beirer, parents and brother of Lucas Beirer, issued their own message to the Skyline community. Counselors are available as well as teachers and other staff to serve as resources for our Eastlake students, staff and families as they go through the grieving process or have the need to talk or express difficult feelings, the email stated. firefighter split search,
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